Hydro power generation: A most efficient way to optimize stranded Hydropower Plants

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Hydro power generation: A most efficient way to optimize stranded Hydropower Plants

Brazil, known for its landscapes and abundant water resources, has always been at the forefront of using hydropower as an energy source. The country is filled with generators that showcase this commitment.

However, most of these facilities face a difficult issue: most of them are located in places where the development hasn´t come as expected to consume the amount of energy that this small hydroelectric power plants produce. Creating problems not only for the energy producer, but also for the power grid as role.

This year of 2023 however, things started to change. With the changes made by the brazilian legislative and the former brazilian government in regarding taxation and rules for mining bitcoin, brazilians are now able to start mining bitcoin.

This new legislation also enabled companies worldwide to come to Brazil and start their operations. As a company formed by brazilians, and with all the knowledge about the power grid and energy capacity of the country, we couldn´t miss the opportunity of expanding our operations and also resolve the problems of our own country´s power grid.

The Challenge

The dilemma for these generators are not complex, but they are complicated. On one hand they produce the amount of energy that could sustain a mining operation easily. On the other hand, most of the hydropower plants are located in places far away from most of the infrastructure needed for an industry to establish itself, such as railroads, paved roads etc. This meant revenue loss and operational strains on the equipment due to the risk of transportation, security and installation hassles.

Arthur’s  Solution

Known for their problem-solving approach, Arthur Inc. proposed a solution. To overcome all that we used all our expertise and started planning how to bring the partners from the area to this venture and make the hydropower our associate so we could bypass these problems more easily.

The collaboration between the facilities and Arthur Inc. was truly remarkable. They realized the potential of energy from these facilities and came up with a brilliant solution. Redirecting this surplus energy to power bitcoin mining operations in real time, we could start the mining operation as soon as the machines were installed, without losing time assembling a whole installation before we could start mining.

The outcome

As a result, the partnership between the hydropower plant, the locals and institutions around the place made it possible for the operation to start sooner than expected, and Arthur Inc. was ready to bring transformations to the surroundings.

Wasted energy that was once stranded now also had a purpose generating revenue by powering bitcoin mining operations. These groundbreaking operations not only proved that sustainable bitcoin mining is feasible in Brazil, but also demonstrated how industries can achieve growth while working with region to overcome their limitations. Through this venture Arthur Inc. solidified its reputation as a leading force in finding solutions that benefit businesses and contribute positively toplaces where we are installed.

This case study tells the story of a hydroelectric power producer in Brazil. It focuses on the challenges associated with stranded energy, lack of infrastructure, and how Arthur Inc. provided a solution to overcome them.

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